Welcome to my online gallery!

I've been taking photos since my parents gave me a Kodak Instamatic 100 for Christmas when I was 7 years old. Although they both encouraged my hobby, my mom pursued photography more actively and was an inspiration to me. Photography has been a constant in my life, no matter whether I was using 126 film cartridges, Polaroid instant film, black & white of my college days, slide film to be more economical or digital. I resisted "going digital" until the issue was forced by another Christmas present from my parents in the year 2000: my first digital camera, a point and shoot. I was hooked immediately.

In the early 2000's my love of photography inevitably crossed paths with my love of bird-watching and a very expensive hobby "took wing". I've been working my way up the ladder as my budget has allowed the purchase of longer lenses and better camera bodies. My skills are trying to keep pace.

I really enjoy taking photos of birds and animals but I most especially love to capture the sense of motion such as the dynamics of a bird in flight or diving for a fish.

I hope you enjoy the photos I've chosen to share. Please remember that all photos are under copyright. If you want to use one please contact me for permission first.